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with individualized care and 25 years of experience.

Get Active Again

Upper Trail physical therapy treats adolescents, concussions and women to accelerate healing and return to life. Whether the goal is sports, exercise, or everyday living, we understand setbacks and want to help. Our therapists meet with you to create a customized plan to reach your goals.


Young Adults need special attention – they are no longer children and not yet adults. Upper Trail Physical Therapy creates a fun engaging environment to meet rapidly changing bodies engaged in dance, cheer, track, football, and more. Each injury and each adolescent creates a unique challenge where returning healthy to sport is extremely important.


Primary complaints after a concussion are headaches, dizziness, neck pain, postural position pain, and balance issues. 1, 2 Most people who have sustained a concussion will also have sleep disturbances, difficulty with school, and sometimes emotional disturbances. 3 Upper Trail Physical Therapy accelerates healing using effective gentle manual therapy techniques that guide the body to heal itself.


A trusted source of healing for many moms. Upper Trail Physical Therapy focuses on low-back pain, pelvic pain, and hip pain. Having multiple children, a caesarian section, or menopause disrupts the pelvis and lower back stability. Moms typically push aside their aches and pains to put their children’s needs first. However, once you are healthy, you can care for your children much better!

Private rooms with the full undivided attention of your Physical Therapist. Cash pay services include a super bill for your insurance provider. Accepting referrals only.



With over 25 years of experience, Allyson Marshall, PT, MPT has refined gentle manual therapy techniques such as craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. Allyson uses exercises to align, repair, and strengthen your body and teaches you to treat yourself even after therapy is done.


Research articles are constantly being published in physical therapy. At Upper Trail PT, each patient problem is researched in medical databases for the latest in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment information. Therapists are current on what techniques will accelerate your healing.


An important, and often overlooked, piece of therapy is listening to you, the patient. Understanding your situation, life, and concerns will lead to better treatment approaches. Listening to your response to treatments or exercises will lead us to discover the techniques and movements that are going to accelerate your healing. 

Allyson listened and got me back on my feet – I feel 20 years younger! I can travel again. I can cook dinner without a stool. I can climb stairs. I even gave up the shots in my knees. I got immediate actionable value.

– L. B. Austin, TX

Upper Trail Physical Therapy is wonderful! I was battling knee and lower back pain and Allyson has been a tremendous help. Allyson is very knowledgeable and truly cares about me. She not only helped me get out of pain, but has given me tools to use for whenever my back or knees act up from work or working out. I would recommend anyone who is in pain or looking for a physical therapist to see Allyson Marshall at Upper Trail Physical Therapy.

– J. S. Austin, TX

Allyson is a miracle worker! I needed to build strength and stability, but wow what a difference. And the shoulder muscle exercise is like some sort of crazy party trick! I had my husband try it who was skeptical, but the look on his face when it worked was priceless. 

– L. C. West Lake Hills, TX

Allyson Marshall, DPT

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Upper Trail is accepting new clients that appreciate hands-on therapy and will do their homework.

Upper Trail is focused on you – your health and your goals. We are a holistic Physical Therapy practice with 25+ years of experience. We embrace both modern medicine and the mind-body-soul connection. We promise to listen and we promise to give you our full attention. Our therapists work one-on-one during the whole session.